Webinar Recording: NCIA’s Official Response To USDA’s Hemp Rules
By Bethany Moore
December 11, 2019
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Webinar Recording: NCIA’s Official Response To USDA’s Hemp Rules

Watch this recording if you missed the live webinar on December 10 about NCIA’s official response to the USDA’s hemp rules.

On October 31, 2019, the USDA released its Final Interim Rule governing the domestic production of hemp within the United States. The USDA is currently accepting public comments to its hemp rules through December 30, 2019. There are many rules that need to be changed or clarified to make the program viable, including sampling, required DEA registration for labs, a fifteen-day harvest window, and a definition of “commingling” among other potential issues. Please join Cindy Sovine and Alex Buscher to discuss the NCIA’s public comments and steps you can take to help shape the final USDA hemp rules.

Download the Slide Deck

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