September 12, 2017

Call your Senator to Support the Leahy Amendment

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Talking Points

  • I’m calling today to ask for your Senator’s support of the Leahy amendment to the appropriations bill. This amendment protects medical cannabis businesses and patients in states where it’s legal. It does this by barring the Department of Justice from using its funds to interfere with state legal medical cannabis programs.
  • This provision has been included in federal law since 2014, and will continue to be in effect until December 8th, 2017 when the current funding bill runs out.
  • 46 states have legalized some form of cannabis. Additionally, over 90% of individuals believe medical cannabis should be legalized and 73% do not support federal law enforcement actions that undermine state marijuana laws.
  • The cannabis industry supports tens of thousands of jobs, tens of millions in tax revenue, and billions in economic activity in the United States.
  • Thanks for taking my call, I appreciate you listening to my concerns.

The Future of Medical Cannabis Reform – Now What?

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