Catalyst Conversations | 9.28.21 | Risk, Security, and Insurance Mean Something Completely Different in Regulated Cannabis

NCIA’s Catalyst Conversations series is an advanced webinar series curated to give enrollees in our Social Equity Scholarship program the opportunity to network and gain access to valuable knowledge that will help them excel in the cannabis industry.

In this edition of our Catalyst Conversations series originally aired on Tuesday, September 28, NCIA’s Risk Management and Insurance Committee teamed up with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to create a powerful discussion every Social Equity operator should join in on.

Legacy and Social Equity operators face many hurdles. One of the biggest hurdles is creating a risk management strategy and gameplan in the regulated industry, which can prove to be very different from the risk management strategies that may have gotten them here in the first place. In the regulated industry, the greatest risks to survival aren’t always so obvious, and the ways to mitigate those risks can often seem too expensive, or even worse, the service providers may be difficult to trust. The still-existent impact of the War on Drugs cannot be underestimated in the role it plays in this dynamic.

During this webinar, we host a lively discussion about the very real threats to the survival of small cannabusinesses, and the ways to mitigate those risks.

Attendees will walk away with these key insights:

• Understand the current state of Security and Insurance in the regulated industry
• Get pragmatic information on what to look for when vetting Security and Insurance firms and coverage
• Learn how to incorporate simple tactics into your current business strategy.
• Understand how the impact of the War on Drugs and making the transition from Legacy markets may affect your outlook on Security and Insurance in a unique way, and what you can do about it
• Recognize the importance of assessing and mitigating financial risk in the regulated industry

A special thank you to the benefactors of NCIA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program which are listed below!

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