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Cannasure Insurance Services, LLC

Since 2010 we have been one of the leading providers of insurance in the marijuana industry.

Through our extensive risk management assessments of some of the leading dispensary, cultivation facilities and infused product manufactures from California to Colorado we have spent hundreds of hours observing, interviewing and analyzing the unique risks facing the cannabis industry.

We started Cannasure with the singular purpose of helping the Medical Marijuana Industry secure insurance products at a reasonable cost. Cannasure saw firsthand a glaring need and a complete lack of understanding from the insurance industry as a whole.

As we started talking with insurance carriers we could see that the amount of misinformation about the industry as a whole was really shocking. The stigma on the burgeoning Medical Marijuana Industry was one not based in fact. We also discovered the many fly by night brokers and agencies looking to just make a quick buck without understanding the needs of the Collectives, Cooperatives, Dispensaries and Growers.

Our first hand experience in working with the cooperative was invaluable to our people. We were able to research and understand exactly the hurdles that each collective, cooperative, dispensary and grower faces on an everyday basis. We trust that you will find our knowledgeable staff responsive, professional and discreet. Please do not hesitate to call, we are always willing to listen and answer your questions. We are available and ready to help in any way possible. Medical Marijuana should be accessible for any qualified patient and we feel that insurance should be affordable and attainable for those working in the medical marijuana industry.

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