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Wurk automates the processes associated with hiring, managing and paying employees, greatly reducing costs and making administrative tasks easier and less error-prone. The Wurk platform includes tools to manage compliance with industry-specific regulations like Federal income tax code section 280E and state-specific requirements for employee registration and badging.

“Wurk is a great partner, and has become a true extension of our organization. The expansive offering of services on the Wurk platform saves us time in a highly regulated industry.” – Will Vial, Director of Business Analytics, Solstice in Washington

With 10+ regulatory agencies to comply with, you have to maintain control to ensure your doors stay open. Meet the demanding requirements of the industry while running a successful operation with the Würk platform.

-Fulfill Direct Deposits
-Synchronize General Ledger Processing
-Electronically File Federal, State & Local Taxes
-Customize Payroll Reporting
-Manage 1099 Processing
-Automate Wage Garnishment

Find top candidates quickly by posting open positions to your site & major job boards seamlessly. Allow for an easy application process & then filter qualified candidates to the top of your list, saving valuable time.

-Screen & Background Check Candidates
-Track Physical & Virtual Assets
-Manage Benefits Administration
-Process Compliant Onboarding
-Automate New Hire Reporting
-Administer ACA Management
-Mobile Employee Self-Service

Gain insight into overtime costs and manage labor accurately with intuitive reporting, alerts, and forecasting so you can optimize your employee time.

-Maximize COGS Labor Tracking
-Track 280E Labor Clock In
-Automate Accurate Payroll Data
-Analyze Costing Trends
-Calculate PTO and Employee Accrual

Employees are your most important asset. Align your best performing employees with peak traffic hours, so you drive top line revenue and reduce bottom line expense.

-Optimize Labor Costs
-Control Overtime
-Forecast Labor Activities
-Maximize Scheduling Efficiency Tools
-Understand Employee Workload
-Create 280E Deductible Schedule

Why We Wurk
Wurk exists to help cannabis businesses fortify, comply and thrive in evolving regulatory environments. The Wurk platform is designed to protect and streamline operations, while ensuring people are a priority every step of the way.

Contact Information

2162 Market St
Denver, CO 80205
(844) 978-7322

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